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5 Steps to Success as a CTi Dealer/Franchise Owner

It isn’t difficult to start your CTi business. The real work is in making it a success.

What does it take to do this? Confidence in your CTi products and service is a great start, but to make your franchise successful, you need to find opportunities to work and maximize your profits.

If you’re a new CTi dealer looking for a little guidance on how to get work and earn the money you know your services are worth, here are five basic steps to follow.

1. Market your company

Marketing is often intimidating because it involves convincing clients that you have the best service and product for them. It’s easy to feel insecure as you try to communicate your message.

Instead, frame it as educating prospective clients on how you can solve their problems. They have an ugly driveway. You have the solution! With that framing, it’s easier to put yourself out there.

How do you put yourself out there?

Our training course discusses this in more detail. But a few initial things you should do is set up a business website, begin posting valuable content on social media, order business cards, set up an automatic email system, and learn about Google ads.

2. Sell a job

If you’ve been advertising your decorative concrete business, you should get some interest. Don’t let any lead get ignored! Keep track of leads and respond to them promptly.

Use your CTi training to explain your services and products, whether over the phone or in an email. If they are hesitant to commit, offer to follow up with them later. If they are ready to schedule a job, be prepared with your calendar and all the information they need before their appointment.

Not every lead will pan out, but you can ask to put them on your email list, so if they ever do want concrete preservation, they know who to call.

3. Install the job

Doing the job sounds obvious, but it involves a few things that will help you be a successful CTi dealer.

First of all, prioritize customer service at every job. Do everything you can to make the experience convenient for the client. Show up on time, communicate with them, fix problems, respect their property, etc.

Secondly, do a good job. CTi only partners with qualified dealers, so maintain that reputation. Perform the concrete restoration job with attention to detail and quality to keep clients happy and increase your chances of gaining referrals or a repeat customer.

Showing up to work sounds simple, but this is how you build your reputation.

4. Get paid for the job

On the surface, getting paid for a job is as simple as your client handing you a check. But the amount on that check is up to you.

Successful CTi dealers price their services to make a profit. Don’t sell yourself short because you feel inexperienced or want to undercut the competition. If you are providing the superior product and service CTi dealership are known for, you deserve full pay.

The average CTi dealer charges $5.50/sq ft. That means some dealers charge less or more, but this number can give you a good starting point for your own pricing.

You also have to consider what it costs you to complete a job, such as materials and labor. We suggest estimating $1.50 per square foot for materials and an average of $200 a day for your employee’s wages.

Once you calculate how much a job will cost you, you can decide how much to charge your client to cover those costs and have some leftover for yourself. You also should consider your weekly and monthly financial goals.

Based on your calculations, are you charging enough per job to achieve your goals? Are you completing enough jobs to meet those goals? A successful dealer does their math!

5. Repeat

Now that you know the basic steps to success, the final step is to continue following them! The benefit of owning a CTi business is that you get to keep things simple. With such valuable products, there is little more you have to do than to consistently follow the steps listed above to become a successful CTi dealer.

One more tip: work on at least one of these steps every day. As your business grows, you’ll probably find yourself on multiple steps at once. However, if you commit to just one step each day, in the beginning, you’ll soon find your business and profits gaining momentum, and you’ll be on your way to success!

To find out more about starting your own lucrative concrete restoration business, contact CTi today.